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Sliding Fee Scale

The Iroquois Center for Human Development (ICHD) provides a full range of behavioral health services to our communities, including therapy, medication management, mental health emergency treatment as well as specialty services. 

Discounts of up to 95% are available for most services and are based on the client’s household size and income. 

Contact us for more information and a detailed listing of services with their associated charges – we are here to help. 

Note: We are dedicated to the mental health of children, adolescents, and adults. We serve the counties of Clark, Comanche, Edwards and Kiowa. 

The below listing shows the breakdown of services and the cost at full fee. Please note that some services are not eligible for the sliding fee scale (SFS) and some services may have additional charges due to the complexity of the service.


Example Sliding Fee Scale: Family size of 3 with an income of $43,505

This family would have a SFS percentage of 80% – meaning that the above family will pay 80% of the cost associated with each service provided. 


ICHD uses the KDADS poverty guidelines when calculating %. 

Service Description



Example Cost

Admission Intake

120 minutes

$200 (each event)


Individual Therapy

16-37 minutes



Individual Therapy

38-52 minutes



Individual Therapy

53+ minutes



Group Therapy




SUD Intake Assessment


$200 (each event)


DUI Evaluation*


$150 (each event)


SUD Individual Therapy




SUD Group Therapy




Adult Group Psychosocial

15 minutes



Child Group Psychosocial

15 minutes



Individual Psychosocial Rehab

15 minutes



Attendant Care

15 minutes



Individual Peer Support

15 minutes



Group Peer Support

15 minutes



Crisis QMHP

15 minutes



Crisis CM

15 minutes



Crisis AC

15 minutes



*The DUI evaluation is not available for the sliding fee scale. 

This does not encompass all services provided at ICHD. It is merely a small representation to offer an example of our sliding fee scale. Please contact our office to determine your qualification percentage and rate based on your income and number of dependents. 

The SFS percentages are configured by referencing the federal poverty guidelines and updated accordingly. They can be found at:




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