Iroquois Center

Staff Directory

Executive Director

Mary Jane Dowler 

Medical Team

Dr. Trever Krehbiel, MD – Medical Director

Kurt Leis, APRN – Medical Staff

Tracy Caldwell, APRN – Medical Staff

Megan Snyder, RN – Program Nurse

Clinical Director

Lucas Stephens, LCP, LCAC


Jim Ryckert, LMSW 

Scott Rogers, LCP 

Julia Butler, LCPC

Adult Community Support Services (CSS)

Megan Snyder, RN – Team Lead

Latisha Cox – Psychosocial

Lorraine Raber – Adult Case Manager

Patricia MacCausland – Adult Case Manager

Martha Hodson – Adult Case Manager

Janessa Minton – Peer Support/CSS

Sharale Tedder – CSS

Children’s Community Based Services (CBS)

Cathy Martinez – Team Lead

Sarah Christenson – CBS Case Manager

Rebecca Martin – CBS Case Manager

Makenzie Stroede – CBS Case Manager

Janessa Minton – CBS Peer Support

Administrative Team

Michele Morehead – Administrative Director

Linda Young – Accounts Payable

Shaun Trummel – Billing Specialist

Receptionist – Nicole Mayes

Maintenance Team

Drew Gibson

Brian Small

NFMH Liaisons

Megan Snyder

Latisha Cox

Mike McBeath

Larned State Hospital Liaison
Megan Snyder

Transitional Living Center (TLC)

Mike McBeath – Housing Director

Latisha Cox – Transitional Coordinator

Kandis Hall – Attendant Care

Ethan Chance – Attendant Care

Elijah Fulton – Attendant Care

Shallyn Richmond – Attendant Care

Tyree Singleton – Attendant Care

Honesty Beaton – Attendant Care

Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC)

Brandon Brown – CCHBC Project Director

Jeff Ford – Health Coordinator

Jacqui Boswell – Veteran Support Services/Peer Support


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