Staff Directory

Angie Kooken,  LMSW-Social Work,  Children’s Services Leader
Scott Rogers, Therapist- LCP
Drew Gibson, Maintenance
Ric Dalke, Executive .Director,
Stacey Hosheit, Receptionist
Caroline Covey, Risk Manager
Susan Mackey, Peer Support
Jim Ryckert -Therapist LMSW
Amber Munsell, Transitional Living Staff
Tracy Harris, Transitional Living Staff
Janette Youngblood, (CSS) Adult Case Manager
Brandon Brown, Housing Director
Lisa Stout, Financial Director
Lucas Stephens, therapist, A&D, LCP, LCAC
Rhaeann Kipp, Transitional
Stephanie Salisbury, Clinical Director and therapist, LSCSW
Gideon Faulconer,  Transitional
Patricia MacCausland,  Transitional
Luis Alonzo MD – Medical Director
Linda A. Young, AA. – Adm.- HR
Ethan Magnuson, Children’s Services
Tabitha Murski, Director of Operations and Therapist,MS, LCP
Michele Morehead, Intake Coordinator
Jamie Flores, Transitional
Sharon Allison, Psychosocial Staff
Megan Snyder, CSS -Adult Team Leader, RN – Program Nurse
Brian Fairchild, Adult Services, TCM & P/S
Ed Frost, CSS, Adult Case Manager
Sandy Foster, Psychosocial Staff- Transitional Living
Lorraine Raber, CSS, Adult Case Manager

Patricia Fuller, Billing Specialist

Vergie Anderson,  Clinical Consultant

Other Part Time and Transitional Staff