Staff Directory

Pamela Frederickson CBS Supervisor
Scott Rogers LCP
Drew Gibson Maintenance
Beth Huck E-Cats Coordinator
Matthew Buehler Psychosocial Staff
Ric Dalke Executive .Director,
Rachel Fulton CSS Case Manager
Leslie Land Medical Records
Stacey Hosheit Receptionist
Caroline Covey Risk Manager
Susan Mackey Peer Support
Vacant TL Staff
Aaron Kick TL Staff
Jim Ryckert Ashland & Minneola Hospitals-Therapist LMSW
Amber Munsell TL Staff
Tracy Harris Transitional
Janette Youngblood CSS Case Manager
Brandon Brown Trans.Housing TL
Tammi Kirk CBS Case Manager
Lisa Stout Financial Director
Lance Hinde House Keepiing
Lucas Stephens A&D, LCP, LCAC
Rhaeann Kipp Transitional
Stephanie Salisbury CSS Coordiator, LSCSW
Gideon Faulconer Transitional
Patricia MacCausland Transitional
Garry Gibson Therapist, MSW, LSCSW
Luis Alonzo MD – Medical Director
James P. Busenbark Therapist, MS, LMLP, LCP
Vacant Vacant
Linda A. Young AA. – Adm.- HR
Ethan Magnuson Transitional
Bob Young Transitional
Tabitha Murski Clinical Director CBS Therapist,MS, LCP
Michele Morehead Intake Coordinator
Jamie Flores Transitional
Vacant Vacant
Sharon Allison Psychosocial Staff
Megan Snyder CSS, RN – Program Nurse
Brian Fairchild CSS, TCM & P/S
Ed Frost CSS, Case Manager
Renee Lehl CBS, Case Manager
Sandy Foster Psychosocial Staff TL
Lorraine Raber CSS, Case Manager
Stephanie Corcoran Transitional
Patricia Fuller Billing Specialist
Too Many Other Part Time and Transitional Staff to List TL Staff and Part time